I am so excited that you have chosen me to be your senior photographer! I can’t thank you enough for your business! This is such a huge time in your life and choosing to document it in such a way will be such a treasure! We are going to have an absolute blast at your senior portrait session- I promise it will be way better than you think! I can’t wait! When I had my senior pictures done, I went with the studio contracted with my high school. I didn’t have a lot of choice over how it went and that definitely showed in my pictures. They looked like the rest of my friends’ pictures and weren‘t very special. I hope to give you an experience of a life time for your senior pictures! 

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Kelleen Hite

The guys client portal & session prep Hub


Read this whole guide and make sure to do you style survey 4-6 weeks before your session



Plan your wardrobe using the style guide. Send images of you in your clothes prior to the style consult

Set your consult- we will go over all wardrobe, set location, and confirm start and end times. 

1.5 MONTHS BEFORE SESSION - Style Survey Questionnaire completed

1 MONTH BEFORE SESSION - wardrobe completed

2 weeks  BEFORE SESSION- Style & location consult and check in {don't forget to check the style closet}!

2:00 DAY OF SESSION - Start shooting!

DUSK DAY OF SESSION- Finish shooting!

2 -3 WEEKS after session- Image Reveal day! We will book this at your session, and I will update this portal! the link to details is below!

Click here for the full

** A final timeline will be sent for the DAY OF SESSION AFTER the style consult


Step 3:

Click here for guys style guide

the what to wear guide

Some Style tips

Step 4:

The Dude facial

Step 5:

The week Before 

A good nights sleep!

Lots of water 3-4 days before

Moisturize the night, trust me, face cream helps!

Stay out of the sun, or minimize sunburn up to a week before your session. 

Some important extra tips!

Let's chat Locations & outfits

Once you have started selecting outfits, and have a couple ideas set and ready, lets meet! please, set this in advance! We want to meet at least two weeks before your session date.  if none of the below dates work, please email me!




What if there is rain? We need to cancel Hair & Makeup at least two hours before, so we will watch weather and make that call! 

What if I get sunburned? DON'T get a spray tan after! It will peel too! If we have to shoot, the makeup artist can hide some of it. 

Should I spray tan? Hmm, if its your first time, NO, try it before your session. Spray tans can look very orange on camera, so go light, and use someone you trust! Erin who we use for hair & makeup does a good job. 

How do I use the style closet? The link is below, add any selections to your cart, and I will have them the day of your session! Want to try them on? Just let me know, we can meet at any time at the studio! 

How do I use the fashion box? Please have your selections to me at least 6 weeks prior to shooting {this is a pinterest idea board}. The stylist will get your board and send ideas which I will share with you. She will send what you love!

What if I am sick? I want you to feel your absolute BEST! let me know as soon as you can if you aren't feeling amazing, or if you have some other issue, so we can get you rescheduled. I like to give HMUA at least 3 hours notice, when possible!

Stay out of the sun, or minimize sunburn up to a week before your session. 

I'll see you soon! 

I can't wait to meet you!

Remember that the more you put in to prepping for your senior session, the more amazing it will be. Following these steps insures a smooth day, and an awesome outcome! This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME event in your life, so let's treat it like one and make it awesome! Get ready for an incredible experience! 

Whats Next? 

Your session is done! here are your next steps!


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